Spoils of Wear

When Pugs Fly (to Superior Shores)

Jill EricksonComment

Cool news, guys.  We got a drone.  Which I sometimes confuse for a 'droid', like in Star Wars.  It's strangely lifelike, so I started calling it our 'flying baby robot'.  But really, we named it Morgan Freeman.  Freeman for short.  I do not fly him because I'm not electronically inclined and I doubt the safety features are safe enough for someone who struggles with right from left, back from forward.  

This first video was when we initially got it and took it to a park near our home where we often let the pugs off-leash.  It's very quiet and marshy.  Having a bug-like, buzzing machine follow me around was a bit creepy the first time.  Ollie addresses it much the same as the vacuum cleaner.  Daisy is curious when it gets close, but otherwise oblivious.

After a successful trip around the park and several other flying drills, Steve was confident enough to take it on our trip to the North Shore on Lake Superior.  It rained quite a bit while we were there, but we took advantage of every dry moment.  I actually prefer my northern adventures foggy, so I thought it was perfect.

Freeman gives us even more reason to get out, enjoy summer and our beautiful surroundings.  Finished works can be seen at Hungry Pug Studios websitevimeo, and facebook pages.